Wrexham AM pledges support to Mental Health Awareness week

Henrietta Brewer
May 16, 2018

Larimer County is experiencing unprecedented growth in mental health crises.

Societally we might think we're "clued up" on mental health, but when surveyed by YouGov on behalf of RCPsych, a quarter of the public were unaware that addiction to opioids is more deadly than cervical cancer, and just 42% realise that it takes a psychiatrist to diagnose bipolar disorder.

Lucie Cave - Editorial Creative Director, Bauer Media - who has driven the campaign for Bauer says, "Mental Health is such important issue for our collective audiences and our survey reflects just how much of an increased worry it is for them in 2018".

However 57 per cent admit things have improved and believe our understanding of mental health is better now than it was as recently as five years ago.

"There's also something to be said in that 50% of people think stress is an overused term", continued Oliver.

"What can I do to help?" One of these users was Ryan Farmer.

The day is held on the first Thursday in February and aims to bring the nation together to get talking and break the silence around psychological problems.

"Can I drive you to an appointment?"

Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill continues: "This simple message can make a big difference".

However, Helen Whiteman, CEO of CILEx Regulation, felt that resilience could be built into standards and also that when regulators developed a new policy or procedure, they should consider the emotional impact on the profession. "It is such a brilliant resource".

"We need to see more workplaces encouraging open conversations about mental health and championing a more supportive and open environment".

With 12.5 million working days lost to stress, anxiety and depression previous year, this indicates how vital it is that more managers receive mental health training.

This plan for long-term solutions is informed by a comprehensive assessment of Larimer County mental health needs and services, and builds a common framework for the many separate pieces to this complex community challenge.

"CTS is committed to finding ways to remove that fear and unnecessary stigma". I applaud the fact that the producers of the programme worked with the charities Samaritans and CALM [the Campaign Against Living Miserably] to ensure that the way the story was told tried to encourage people who hide their feelings of desperation the chance to start a conversation with others. Professional services can - and indeed do - also signpost to it.

"I hope this award will help me to do even more and truly embed mental health awareness and support throughout our firm".

The Hub of Hope, which the first database of its kind in the United Kingdom, has been publicly commended by mental health charities such as the Samaritans and public figures including Jeremy Corbyn and Davina McCall, who referred to Jake as "the Dalai Lama of mental health". There is more information about training below.

And yet we have failed to embed mental health awareness and evidence-based mental health interventions into our education system.

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