Three women sue Charlie Rose, claiming sexual harassment

Cheryl Sanders
May 5, 2018

On the heels of more than two dozen women making further accusations of sexual harassment against Charlie Rose, one current and two former CBS News employees sued the anchor and his former network Friday.

The suit claims Rose has been engaging in workplace sexual harassment since at least 1986, when seven female employees sued the network, and CBS has continually looked the other way.

One former assistant, who is suing Rose along with Harris and other co-workers, told the Post that working for him was "toxic" and that it "made me question my intelligence, dignity and worth as a human being nearly every day". Gayle King, who was a co-host with Rose when he was at CBS, shared her thoughts on the latest allegations. Rose told the Post its story was "unfair and inaccurate". All three women claimed that Rose would "repeatedly caress and touch their bodies, including their arms, shoulders, waists and backs", and would even pull them in for kisses.

The lawsuit also alleges Rose asked Harris and McNeal to share details of their sex lives, "boasted of his own sexual conquests" and suggested the two women should engage in a sexual relationship with each other.

The women say they complained about Rose's conduct to an executive producer and an HR rep, but he was never disciplined.

In one case, the lawsuit alleges, he referred to Wei as a "China Doll" and used an expletive while calling her an "idiot" for booking a flight that did not have flat folding seats.

Harris claims she was wined and dined by Rose while working as a broadcast associate for one of the CBS morning shows, discussing potential job opportunities for Harris at "60 Minutes" or on Rose's eponymous show.

In November, The Washington Post reported on allegations of eight women who said Rose sexually harassed them at his namesake PBS program.

For many years, Rose did his PBS interview show at the same time he worked for CBS, and the Post story also examined his behavior there.

During lunches with Harris, Rose would place "his hands on her thigh and [kiss] her cheek", the lawsuit alleges.

The three women, all in their mid-20s, who worked with Rose in 2016 and 2017, detail numerous episodes of harassment in a 17-page complaint filed Friday in NY state court.

In a previous statement to the Washington Post, Kadro said Wei "did not tell me about inappropriate behavior by Charlie Rose towards Ms. Harris at any time".

Since Rose was sacked, CBS News said it has taken steps to ensure a safer workplace, including mandatory misconduct training. The complaint also accused the network of demoting Wei in retaliation for her complaint against Rose. She says her health began to fail and she took a medical leave of absence in early March.

Rose could not immediately be reached for comment.

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