Tesla Model X tows a Boeing 787, sets new Guinness record

Tesla Model X tows a Boeing 787, sets new Guinness record

Andrew Cummings
May 16, 2018

This happened at a remote taxiway at Melbourne Airport where a Tesla Model X P100D came face to face against the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which is the latest addition to the Qantas fleet.

And now, Tesla Model X P100D has become the first production electric vehicle to tow a passenger aircraft, as claimed by Qantas.

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The Model X electric SUV pulled a 130-tonne 787-9 Dreamliner nearly 300m, breaking the record for the heaviest tow by an electric passenger vehicle.

Electric Vehicle brand Tesla has now hopped onto the car-towing-airplanes bandwagon.

The Model X successfully towed the 130 ton Dreamliner, surpassing its rated road tow weight of 2.5 tons. This model has all-wheel drive thanks to a dual-motor setup and makes peak torque off-the-line.

Qantas uses electric aircraft tugs to pull planes much shorter distances at two airports in Australia.

The event not only proved Tesla's towing power, but it also kick-started Qantas's new sustainability campaign, showing how innovation can increase sustainability in the transportation industry.

Now, Qantas did the stunt to promote their collaboration with Tesla and their rewards for Tesla owners, but it can't be denied that the Model X is a very capable auto and kudos to Tesla here because it's made something that stands apart from the crowd.

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