School, police provide a lesson in handling senior class pranks

Cheryl Sanders
May 16, 2018

You might have heard of students creating water slides in their hallways or bringing mariachi bands to school for their senior pranks, but a group of high school seniors in Cumberland, Wisconsin just outdid them all.

Senior class prank season tests the patience of the adults in the room and the adults of Cumberland, Wis., have passed the test. Kids will be kids and it's not a time to go to DEFCON 1.

But they had actually used tape and a black tarp to create the illusion of a hole and had loose bricks strewn across the ground for added special effects. They also put black on the brick wall to make it look like the vehicle drove into the building creating a big hole.

'We didn't want to be there long because we didn't want to attract attention, ' Pasko said.

The brick they used even matched the brick of the school, but there was nothing risky about it.

The elaborate prank earned the students praise from their school and even the local Cumberland Police Department. "We made sure we didn't damage any school property".

"It looked very, very real", Principal Ritchie Narges told WTMJ.

Graduation week... Nice work seniors!

Even the Cumberland Police Department, which had to salute the seniors. "If this is the worst thing our kids are going to do, we've got some pretty darn good kids".

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