Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

Andrew Cummings
May 15, 2018

Amazon says expansion of this project means stores in Chicago and San Francisco. All one needs to use the store is an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, and the free Amazon Go app.

The cashierless Amazon Go store in Seattle will no longer be the only location. In response, Amazon's vice president said this move "forces us to question our growth here".

Amazon Go is headed for Chicago and San Francisco.

In February, Recode reported that Amazon was in talks with a Los Angeles developer about placing a store there, and that it might also open new locations in Seattle. There are still no more announcements about when future stores will be ready for the general public, but real-estate tracker Curbed has hunted down the locations selected by Amazon. The customers are automatically charged for the items they've picked up once they leave the store and a receipt is sent to the app. Overhead cameras keep track of what a customer buys and charges them after they leave, the Tribune said.

Four months after opening its first Amazon Go cashierless convenience store in its hometown of Seattle, the retailer is coming to San Francisco and Chicago.

Staff won't include cashiers, but plenty of human employees will be needed to restock shelves, check ID for wine and work as extra security. The company now owns Whole Foods and a number of bookstores.

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