Lenovo Looking to Nix the Notch in Next Phone?

Yolanda Curtis
May 14, 2018

However, most see it as a stop gap solution until manufacturers can find a way to place all of those powerful cameras and sensors within a display. In other words, the handset might not have buttons, physical or otherwise, or a notch for the camera.

Smartphone bezels are getting smaller all the time, with phones such as the iPhone X now offering an nearly all-screen design, other than a notch, but Lenovo could be about to ditch the notch as well and deliver a truly bezel-free phone.

In a post on Weibo (via Engadget) by Lenovo's President Chang Cheng, he seems to be teasing that the company could be working on a "true" all-screen smartphone.

This means that not only are the bezels on the edge gone, but so is the notch at the top. It'll use a total of 18 different patented technologies and include four "technological breakthroughs".

Lenovo's forthrightness sets up the Z5 as one of the most intriguing mobile events of the year. The teaser is also a concept sketch, so we may not be getting the full story here. He did not address however how Lenovo would integrate a front-facing selfie camera on the device.

Lenovo vice-president Chang Cheng posted a teaser of an upcoming smartphone, dubbed as Lenovo Z5, on China's social networking website, Weibo.

Alongside a claim which the telephone would comprise an impressive screen-to-body-ratio of 95 percent. While Apple may claim the iPhone X has been "all display", its notorious notch - along with the rash of Android imitators that followed - states differently.

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