Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Photos: "All of Me"

Carla Harmon
May 18, 2018

We've got everything you need to know with our Grey's Anatomy season 14 finale spoilers roundup, where we gather as much information as we can about the season finale and what might be coming up at the start of season 15. Also on her way out? Arizona may have to leave her friends and the career she loves to move to NY, but she may have someone waiting for her once she arrives.

It was a bittersweet departure for both Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw too, who were axed from the show for creative reasons, and well as their loyal fans.

However, as she talks to April and Richard (James Pickens Jr.), she reveals she's afraid to try again since their relationship has not worked out so many other times. April has been defined by her faith and desire to do good in the world. (Don't worry: Jo and Alex still had a ceremony of their own, with a newly ordained Meredith officiating on the Seattle ferry, the maritime mascot of this series.) It seems a little implausible that Matthew would want the man April previously left him for standing right there at his wedding, but given that Jackson is the father of April's own child, Harriet, perhaps there's no time like the present to practice some blended family bonding.

Despite all the obstacles they faced that day, Alex and Jo did eventually get married, but it wasn't at the location they had original arrived at. (It should be noted that Chambers and Luddington are expected to return next season). Despite Webber's praise of her as a leader, she decides it's time to take a break from her duties as Chief and focus on her research and surgeries. And it looks like she may have some BIG news to share.

Additionally, another reconciliation was hinted at when Arizona admitted to smiling whenever she reads a text from Callie. When Callie tried to take Sofia with her to New York, Arizona fought and won a dragged-out custody battle in court.

Grey's Anatomy has killed off plenty of deeply loved characters in creative and excruciating ways, including George O'Malley, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, and Derek Shepherd.

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