Google Releases New Play Store Version For Android Device Users

Google Releases New Play Store Version For Android Device Users

Yolanda Curtis
May 16, 2018

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating claims that Google harvests private data from Android users.

Even when an individual's location service is disabled, Android would gather the addresses of nearby cellular towers and then share this data with Google, a practice it began at the start of 2017, according to the Quartz report. Instead of using the trio of buttons that have appeared on Android phones for years, users will navigate the operating system with a series of gestures and swiping motions.

Australia has launched an investigation into the matter following a report by Oracle on the impact of Google and Facebook on the advertising market in the country. After this is done, your device will have the latest version of Google Play Store.

They cited a Quartz report in November that showed the company collects location information from Android users even when they have turned off location services, haven't used any apps or even inserted a SIM card.

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation set to come into force in just 11 days' time Google could also face further privacy investigations in Europe. It does so by tracking them and collecting information about their browsing habits.

With Volvo's Sensus running on Google Android software, apps installed on the system will be made available and updated in real time, much like on a smartphone, which will allow future Volvo cars to react to customers' individual needs and offer up-to-date information and predictive services.

Meanwhile, you can use "Actions" to give you more content from apps based on your previous behavior.

Wear OS Phone has a feature called Quick Replies that allows you to reply to a call using SMS, much like you can now do on your Android phone.

Google and Oracle have always been engaged in a range of legal battles, and now, the latest iteration is playing out in Australia, where Oracle has successfully convinced competition and privacy regulators to look into how Google allegedly tracks its Android phone users. The OS targets useless notifications as told by the users. The software giant said some 1GB per month is being analysed by Google, without the users' explicit consent.

"Google is completely focused on protecting our users' data while making the products they love work better for them".

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