Elton Brand to represent Sixers at NBA Draft Lottery

Ross Houston
May 15, 2018

Hoping to cash in on some decades-old luck and nostalgia, Orlando Magic co-founder Pat Williams will have a blast from the past in his possession as he keeps a talking Lil' Penny doll with him during the National Basketball Association draft lottery Tuesday night.

The Magic haven't won the lottery since turning 2004's No. 1 pick into Dwight Howard. A daughter's Lego figure. This of course will change next summer as the bottom three teams will all hold the same odds as one another, something for future Suns fans to worry about, we've got this year's lottery to deal with.

We'll find out where L.A. will pick Tuesday night at the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery, but the moment, that seems like an extreme long shot.

The likely spot for the Magic to land is either No. 5 or No. 6.

Magic senior vice president Pat Williams told the Orlando Sentinel that he is taking an old talking Lil' Penny doll to Chicago's Palmer House Hilton to oversee the proceedings. The doll will sit close by.

Since 2013, the Magic have used their own lottery picks to select Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja, Domantas Sabonis and Jonathan Isaac.

So Williams and the Magic can use all the luck they can get their hands on Tuesday. So far, only Oladipo has developed into an All-Star, but Oladipo reached All-Star status as a member of the Indiana Pacers.

"Whether it's sitting at that front table or in the back room, where the whole thing unfolds, I always feel lucky and always feel like we're going to win it", Williams said.

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