Dem, GOP leaders to get classified briefing on Russian Federation probe

Cheryl Sanders
May 26, 2018

The president intensified his attacks this week, calling it "spygate" and tweeting Thursday that it was "Starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in US history".

Let's remember, there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. "What goes around, comes around!" tweeted the President Wednesday.

The president referred to those investigating him as the "Criminal Deep State", claiming they had been "caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before!"

"You know, this has really taken the assault on the rule of law to a new level", Yates told David Axelrod in a televised episode of "The Axe Files", airing Saturday at 7 pm ET. Trump is all-in on the "spy" talking point and momentarily - and unusually - he's all alone.

"And here it's even a step beyond a risky point because it's not just directing a criminal investigation or to stop one but anyone, it directly relates to his campaign", she said.

Stop waiting for the constitutional crisis that President Trump is sure to provoke.

"Trump should be happy that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was SPYING on his campaign" No, James Clapper, I am not happy.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning: "Large dollars were paid to the Spy, far beyond normal". Trump said on Twitter.

Now, the president is publicly arguing that this informant was not an FBI asset assisting in a legitimate counterintelligence investigation - but rather, a "spy" that the Obama administration embedded in his campaign "for political purposes."

WASHINGTON ― Top congressional lawmakers and a White House attorney met with Justice Department officials on Thursday to discuss classified information about an FBI informant involved in the investigation into Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

As Goldman noted in an email to Law&Crime, "There is nothing wrong - much less illegal - with obtaining information related to a campaign (as opposed to a business or other organization)", he said.

Lowell says Kushner answered all questions that were asked and "is looking forward to continuing the work the president has asked him to do". "You have to have transparency".

The plans for the briefings - even those that were announced publicly - changed repeatedly in the hours leading up to them, the apparent result of a behind-the-scenes, partisan tug-of-war about who should be briefed, where, and alongside whom. "Trump responded, I would certainly hope not, but I think it' going to be pretty obvious after a while".

No Democrats have been invited to the meeting. If a meeting takes place, Schumer said, it should include a broader bipartisan group of lawmakers.

Rep. Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican and the head of the conservative Freedom Caucus, told reporters he did not expect the Justice Department to provide Nunes and Gowdy with any of the relevant documents Thursday, saying his prediction is based on both "rhetoric and historical fact".

Former FBI Director James Comey, who was sacked by Trump past year, said the agency's use of secret informants was "tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country". If they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace to this country. Fox News' Brian Kilmeade asked Trump about this, noting Comey's tweet asking, "How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?"

File photos of Donald Trump and James Comey.

Mr. Ryan, who has been criticized for not reining in House Republican attacks on the Russian Federation inquiry and federal law enforcement, defended the unusual meetings.

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