CDC: Romaine lettuce finally in the clear

Henrietta Brewer
May 17, 2018

This nasty outbreak has infected 172 people across 32 states, according to the CDC.

But the last shipment of romaine from Yuma left on April 16 and the growing season there is over. Now, the CDC is warning consumers not to buy or eat romaine lettuce at a grocery store or restaurant unless you can confirm it's not from the Yuma, Arizona area.

Since product labels often come without the identification of the growing region, we suggest you pass on romaine lettuce if you are uncertain about where it was grown.

At least 75 people have been hospitalized, including 20 with kidney failure. Illnesses started on dates ranging from March 13, 2018 to May 2, 2018.

Locally, seven people were reported sick in New Jersey and two people were found with E. coli in NY, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

39 people in California have gotten sick, including 1 who died.

In scale, this outbreak is approaching that of the 2006 baby spinach E. coli outbreak that sickened more than 200 people and killed five.

The 32 states involved in the outbreak are: Alaska (8), Arizona (8), California (39), Colorado (3), CT (2), Florida (1), Georgia (4), Idaho (11), IL (2), Iowa (1), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (1), MA (3), MI (5), Minnesota (12), MS (1), Missouri (1), Montana (8), Nebraska (1), New Jersey (8), NY (5), North Dakota (2), OH (6), OR (1), Pennsylvania (21), South Dakota (1), Tennessee (3), Texas (1), Utah (1), Virginia (1), Washington (7), Wisconsin (3).

Most people recover from those symptoms within a week, but if the illness lasts longer than usual and seems to feel more severe, symptoms of the E. coli infection must be reported to a doctor or health professional, the agency said.

This investigation is ongoing and health officials will provide more information as it becomes available.

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