Bolton: 'Regime change' in Iran not policy of Trump administration

Bolton: 'Regime change' in Iran not policy of Trump administration

Andrew Cummings
May 16, 2018

"I would like to point out that Russian Federation and other participants in the deal - China and the European countries - also have their legitimate interests enshrined in this agreement", he added.

"The withdrawal wasn't aimed at the Europeans", Pompeo told "Fox News Sunday", adding that he "worked hard" to fix the deal with European allies, but that they weren't able to reach an agreement.

"I think the Europeans will see that's in their interest ultimately to go along with this", he said.

It left European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the foreign ministers from Britain, France and Germany - signatories of the 2015 deal to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons - with their backs against the wall as they prepared for a dinner meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. "However, the effect on oil supply and prices may not be as dramatic this time for three key reasons", said the analysis.

Trump weighed in later Sunday, saying his decision would limit Iran's regional ambitions.

"Remember how badly Iran was behaving with the Iran Deal in place", he tweeting. "Now, that will not happen!"

"I want to stress we are under no illusion about the stuff Iran gets up to in the region, in the Middle East".

Opinion: Does Washington have the power to prevent nuclear proliferation? That country's rulers are attempting to convince the leaders of Britain, Germany and France, also parties to the 2015 deal, to shun new sanctions.

"He introduced a new element, the element of leverage to a stale, non-productive reality that only encouraged the Iranians to continue their incredibly risky behaviour, particularly in Syria, by threatening Israel by surrounding it with missiles and expecting us to sit there and just wait until something happens".

"We have started an intensive process (and) the economic benefits inside the JCPOA (Iran deal) should be preserved for Iran", Mohammad Javad Zarif said on arrival in Brussels ahead of a meeting with his British, French and German counterparts.

Iran has denied ever seeking nuclear weapons.

France, Britain and Germany, for their part, jointly condemned Mr Trump's decision to quit the deal and pledged to uphold the agreement without the US.

Before leaving, Zarif published a government statement on his Twitter page, slamming Trump's "extremist administration" for abandoning "an accord recognised as a victory of diplomacy by the global community".

Israel said Iran fired missiles at its soldiers in the Golan Heights and retaliated by striking Iranian targets in Syria after weeks of building tensions. If the oil-rich nation suffers from USA sanctions, oil supply will inevitably decrease.

Trump's move to ditch the nuclear deal has infuriated Washington's allies in Europe as well as China and Russian Federation.

This, along with its diplomatic moves to orchestrate an end to the conflict, has put Moscow at loggerheads with the U.S. and Europe, which have intervened against the regime.

His remarks drew chants of "Death to America!" from those gathered for Friday prayers in Tehran. Experts said the JCPOA was working because it provided more access than ever before for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to subject Iran's nuclear facilities to monitoring and inspections.

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