Bethesda is Teasing Rage 2 Big Time

Yolanda Curtis
May 13, 2018

There is so much on the table that this year's E3 press conference will perhaps be the biggest for the makers of Fallout. "We have a lot to show you this year". For all we know, Bethesda might be pulling off an elaborate prank just to get back at Walmart Canada's weird listing.

The madness started with the official RAGE Twitter responding to the Walmart leak with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for where the shoddily thrown together store listing for RAGE 2 went wrong, with what looks to be very distinctive pink scrawling.

Bethesda's account retweeted that, as did marketing exec Pete Hines with the message "this is why we can't have nice things". Might be our longest E3 Showcase ever? The clock face is also sporting a splotch of neon paint.

Some are pretty convinced it's a tease for Rage 2, but if that were true, then maybe May 14 may not be the date of the reveal.

The first teaser featured an image of Big Ben with the clock hands set to 5.14.

Because of the 5.14 time, fans are speculating that the new game will be revealed on May 14. Finally, the fourth (and probably most telling) image shows a line for Anarchy Tours, with a very Rage-looking character waiting in line impatiently. The latest image posted from Bethesda simply features a busy street viewed from an aerial perspective, colored with the same pink we have seen on the other two images. We'll find out on Monday and, either way, will get a better idea about whether that Walmart mess is credible or not.

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