Argentina World Cup manual included chapter on seducing Russian women

Ross Houston
May 17, 2018

The AFA opened an investigation and on Wednesday issued a statement which said: "The Department of Education of the Argentina Football Association announces that after an internal investigation carried out with respect to what happened yesterday during a course on Russian language and culture, we have concluded that part of the material given was erroneously printed".

"Because Russian women are lovely, many men just want to sleep with them", the guide offers.

One of the course participants, Nacho Catullo, posted a chapter from the manual to Twitter that, loosely translated, was headlined "What to do to have an opportunity with a Russian woman".

The pages were torn out before being returned to those present, according to reports.

World News: Argentina FA publish guide telling gamers and coaches the way to have SEX with Russian women forward of the World Cup

Included under the heading: "What to do to have a chance with a Russian girl" was the sort of quality advice you'd expect from an 100-year-old governing body.

It continued: "They like males with initiative".

'Many men, because Russian woman are lovely, just want to get them into bed.

"I'll explain them to you, they will not think it was something out of place, huh?". The advice is to treat the woman who is in front of you as someone of value with their own ideas and desires.

Russian Playboy model Maria Liman has been accused of having an affair with a wealthy businessman by his jealous wife.

"For Russians, sex is something very private and not discussed in public".

Men are also told: "Do not ask stupid questions about sex".

"Normally Russians girls pay attention to the important things". "Do not worry, there are many handsome women in Russian Federation and not all are good for you".

On Tuesday, the AFA held a course for players, staff and journalists about what to expect when they travel to Russian Federation.

"We regret that this mistake has overshadowed the importance of the day and the educational activity provided by AFA, expressing our most honest apologies to those who were affected by the publications, which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentine Football Association, nor that of its President Claudio Tapia or any of its directors", read the statement, attributed to Alejandro Taraborelli of the AFA's Education Department.

He said he has done "nothing bad" and criticised those who had posted the material online "in bad faith".

Dr Pennisi later claimed he had copied the seduction techniques from a blog and said the Argentinian Football Association had been aware of the content of the manual.

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