Apple's California Self-Driving Car Test Fleet Continues to Grow

Apple's California Self-Driving Car Test Fleet Continues to Grow

Yolanda Curtis
May 15, 2018

The tight-lipped tech giant has rapidly built up its self-driving vehicle program, known as Project Titan, since gaining a testing permit in April of previous year. According to the DMV figure, Apple has bigger self-driving vehicle fleet in California than Waymo, Toyota, BMW and many more that has makes it the second largest fleet in the state.

Apple's autonomous vehicle program is one of the biggest known secrets in the tech industry. Citing information from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the website reported that Apple has 55 test cars in California. General Motors' Cruise Automation division has 104 cars and 407 drivers, according to the DMV figures. Apple may have more self-driving cars than Waymo in California, but Waymo likely has more overall. However, those numbers may be somewhat misleading, since other companies are testing their self-driving fleet in other parts of the well.

Each participant in this self-driving auto race must have a safety driver in the vehicle during testing.

With a new permit and expanded fleet, things are finally starting to look up for Apple after years of hardship.

Nonetheless, it underlines how seriously Apple is taking this technology.

Like other tech giants, Apple is keen to get into the vehicle space, with Tim Cook a year ago saying that autonomous systems are "a core technology" that the company views as "very important".

"We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects".

We also learned from the DMV that Apple has not applied for a driverless testing permit.

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