25-year-old man enrolled at third North Texas high school

Ross Houston
May 17, 2018

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley was arrested last Friday after enrolling in two Dallas high schools, and causing a sensation with his basketball skills, with sports coaches handing him an award for offensive player of the year.

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley, who is accused of enrolling at Dallas' Hillcrest High School under the name Rashun Richardson, was charged Friday with tampering with government records and has since been released from the Dallas County Jail, according to the report.

NBC reported Texas federal law exempts people who claim to be homeless or an evacuee from natural disasters from requiring personal identification documents to enroll.

In those situations, Dallas school superintendent Michael Hinojosa says the district may wave ID requirements.

During his time at Hillcrest, he also played on the Hillcrest High basketball team.

The Morning-News notes that officials "believe his primary motivation was to play basketball".

He was eventually caught after one of Gilstrap-Portley's former coaches remembered he saw him graduate from North Mesquite High School, so he alerted officials. One of Gilstrap-Portley's coaches from Mesquite recognized him at a tournament and pointed him out to the Hillcrest head coach.

The mother of a 14-year-old female student told the paper he dated her daughter while at Hillcrest High.

The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she didn't approve of her daughter's relationship with the man they both knew as the 17-year-old Rashun.

"It's unbelievable to me that he could get away with this", she said. "I don't know what, how [the school] let this slip through the cracks".

We recently became aware of a student enrolled at our school under false pretenses claiming to be a displaced Hurricane Harvey victim.

"He was very quiet, he was low key in the hallways", said Chris Bayer, Hillcrest High School principal.

'To the parents, I apologize. The UIL is monitoring the investigation into this and says any games involving Gilstrap-Portley could be forfeited according to their policies.

"This is a unique situation that shows us areas we need to take another look at when we open our doors to students in these situations". "This is an adult infiltrating high school".

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