World Malaria Day being observed today

World Malaria Day being observed today

Henrietta Brewer
April 25, 2018

Therefore, coinciding with the World Malaria Day and ahead of the summer vacation season, HMC is advising residents who are planning travel to known malaria-endemic regions of the world to take necessary precautions.

As per World Health Organisation (WHO), this year's theme is "Ready to Beat Malaria". Every year, April 25 is celebrated as World Malaria Day.

"With the use of mosquito nets, the emergence of the disease will even happen, because malaria is claiming many lives than what people are imagining". According to the latest World Malaria Report, released in November 2017, there were 216 million cases of malaria in 2016, up from 211 million cases in 2015. "It also shows that an estimated 91 per cent of deaths in 2016 were in WHO African Region".

Dr Baseer Khan said the efforts against malaria control need further to be enhanced with strong political commitment, financial resources and improved surveillance through new and improved tools. This is because the progress towards controlling malaria has stopped after achieving an unprecedented period of success in controlling malaria.

A recent report by the Malaria Futures for Africa (MalaFa) says Nigeria may not be able to meet the 2030 target by Africa to eliminate malaria.

Partners like The Global Fund are also investing to control and eliminate malaria from the country. Meanwhile, faster growth was also seen in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai where 201 people contracted the malaria virus, a 2.3-fold surge year on year.

"This is to ensure they join or at least get close to the ranks of countries at the elimination stages by 2020".

Without urgent action, the major gains in the fight against malaria are under threat. Africa contributes to almost 90 per cent of the global burden of malaria.

"Over 90 percent of the population in Nigeria is at risk, while children and pregnant women are more vulnerable to this disease".

"Surely, the older folks will be glad to reveal truth that has never been told about herbal malaria therapy, handed down through generations". Authors include Harvard University's Nobel laureate economist Eric Maskin; African Development Bank Group Vice-President for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management, Célestin Monga; Josselin Thuilliez of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, and Jean-Claude Berthélémy, Professor of Economics at the University of Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne and Corresponding Member of the Institut de France.

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