White House spokesman: 'Last I've heard' Cohen is still Trump's attorney

Carla Harmon
April 16, 2018

Cohen has not yet been charged with any crimes, but at this point it's a foregone conclusion. Sad!

The raid on Cohen, Trump's longtime personal attorney and fixer, has rattled the president; any investigation into Cohen pulls the FBI directly into Trump's inner circle.

Joanna Hendon, Donald Trump's latest lawyer, arrives at the court in NY.

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Cohen's office, hotel room and home, seizing numerous documents and other evidence.

Prosecutors also revealed in a court filing on Friday that Cohen's emails had secretly been searched, and that the raids were part of "a monthslong investigation" involving a grand jury.

It also could undercut President Trump's longstanding claim that "there is no evidence of collusion" with Moscow in the campaign. They claim it's protected by attorney-client privilege. Her allegation was based on a February 13 statement by Cohen that she said hurt her reputation.

Prosecutors said they took the unusual step of raiding Cohen's residence and home, rather than requesting records by subpoena, because what they had learned so far led them to distrust he'd turn over what they had asked for.

Looks like whatever Mueller found only bolstered their case.

Federal investigators confirmed on Friday that Cohen is indeed under criminal investigation. The president's lawyers have said they want to review the documents that were confiscated.

If Cohen is claiming to have made the transaction on behalf of his friend and long-time client Trump, the situation could be seen by Mueller and those investigating the Trump campaign as a "coordinated, illegal, in kind contribution by Cohen for the objective of influencing the election", Potter said. Wood also ordered Cohen to provide a list of his clients. Federal prosecutors said they would wait to review the materials until then.

A Republican finance chief linked to Donald Trump resigned Friday after a newspaper reported that the president's personal lawyer arranged a US$1.6 million (RM6.2 million) payment to a former Playboy model who claimed the fundraiser had gotten her pregnant.

In a hearing in the wake of a federal raid on his office, home, and hotel room, prosecutors in the Southern District of NY revealed Friday that Cohen is a subject in a months-long criminal investigation, reportedly focused at least in part on his role in arranging a nondisclosure deal and $130,000 payout to Stormy Daniels.

Joanna Hendon, a new lawyer for Trump who appeared in court, said her law firm, Spears & Imes LLP, was engaged by Trump on Wednesday and she was "not prepared" to present her argument. Cohen's lawyer is asking for the lawyers themselves to review the material or a "special master" to decide what is relevant to the case, and Hendon is concerned about a taint team or however the material is handled.

McKay, the prosecutor, told the court that Trump had been "on notice about this search since Monday" and had waited until the last moment to intervene. Interactions between attorneys and their clients are typically kept secret, but an exception can be made if the documents contain evidence of criminal activity.

Cohen's attorney Brent Blakely said on Thursday, "No decision has been made for Mr. Cohen to assert his Fifth Amendment rights".

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