United Kingdom and USA authorities warn of Russian attacks on routers

Yolanda Curtis
April 17, 2018

The officials said the latest attacks affected a wide range of organisations - including internet service providers, private-sector firms and critical infrastructure providers.

Officials warned that "Russian government-sponsored actors" were using the devices to "extract passwords, intellectual property, and other sensitive information and to lay the groundwork for potential intrusions in the future".

"We have high confidence that Russian Federation has carried out a coordinated campaign to compromise. routers, residential and business - the things you and I have in our home", said Rob Joyce, the White House cybersecurity coordinator.

Taylor said while the devices could have been used to access sensitive data, there was "no indication" Australian information had been compromised.

The US and British governments said they planned to provide technical details on the attacks so that organisations can determine whether they have been hacked and thwart similar future hacking attempts. Lastly, the alert outlined what erratic hardware behavior should indicate if a device has been already compromised.

United Kingdom and U.S. spies issued an unprecedented joint alert over Russian-sponsored cyber attacks on Monday, confirming "millions" of devices have been infected by "hostile" hackers.

The chief of Britain's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) based at GCHQ in Cheltenham, Glos, said Russian Federation was "our most capable hostile adversary in cyberspace" and that "dealing with their attacks is a major priority" for British and American spooks.

"The UK government will continue to work with the USA, other worldwide allies and industry partners to expose Russia's unacceptable cyber behaviour, so they are held accountable for their actions", Martin added.

A RUSSIAN journalist who wrote about mercenaries from the country being killed in clashes with U.S. troops in Syria has died after a mystery fall.

"The attribution of this malicious activity sends a clear message to Russian Federation - we know what you are doing and you will not succeed", the spokesman added.

"The activity highlighted today is part of a repeated pattern of disruptive and harmful malicious cyber action carried out by the Russian government", Federal Bureau of Investigation deputy assistant director Howard Marshall said in a statement online. It also recently announced that Russia had targeted the United States energy grid with computer malware, and it slapped fresh sanctions on Russian hackers for illicit cyber activity. Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency had already warned that Russian Federation was using its cyber capabilities to target democracies.

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