The Walking Dead stars and showrunner address season finale fate

Carla Harmon
April 16, 2018

How awesome was it seeing Gabriel "Lady Bird" himself out of Negan's auto? At this point, Gabriel throws himself out of the vehicle, but Eugene and Negan find him in the woods and load him back up.

Everything came down to the final battle between Rick and Negan, with Rick making one last plea for his adversary to find a way to move forward without fighting.

"When it comes to Fear the Walking Dead, our core group never developed endearing qualities like Rick Grimes" group used to have, nor did they reach the full badass charm that's made Negan so popular.

Meanwhile, at the same time that Negan's ambush of Rick is blowing up in his face, the sneak attack on the Hilltop is suffering its own setback. But their weapons backfired thanks to Eugene having tampered with the bullets.

Alden and the captured Saviors head outside the Hilltop walls to clear the walkers for when the group will roll out to battle. Lincoln has been hush about his future with the show despite Season 9 already being ordered up by AMC with a new showunner ready to take over.

She documents all their stories on a video camera but hasn't quite revealed why she wants to hear everyone's story or what she would do with this information once it is compiled. In the show Rick banks on Negan grieving over Carl's death for this, but in the comics the scene is dialogue-heavy, with Rick giving a speech about the limitless possibilities if their communities worked together. Negan tries to make a run for it and hides behind the tree, but Rick sees him. Negan fell for it.

While the war was between the survivors and The Saviors, the real battle came down to Rick and Negan.

"He was wrong", said Negan. Then, with a slash of a piece of broken stained glass, Negan's throat is slashed open and he's bleeding at Rick's feet, his last smart comment gurgling in his throat. "Look what you did - Carl didn't know a damn thing". "No, he killed Glenn!" "It's not over until he's dead". "All this is just what was". For our part, we won't let him die until he at least gets lunch with Carol. To many viewers, it looked like Negan was going to die. We see Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl meeting about how they disagree with Rick's decision, and plan on building up Hilltop's strength so they can, it sounds like, take Negan from Rick by force. Furthermore, one of the best things about Negan's imprisonment in the comics is the way it offers the opportunity to deepen his relationship with Carl, one of its most unlikely but strongest by that stage, which again can no longer happen. "And Jesus, he would not have killed the surrendering Saviors, but he's not Morgan". But that change of heart might have had as much to do with Morgan's vision of dead Savior Jared, who told Morgan he couldn't kill his way out of things, as anything Jesus said. Meanwhile, Daryl pledges to show Rick that he was wrong to do what he did.

There's a scene in the comics where Maggie, after a failed assassination attempt, publicly executes Gregory; between that and this TV setup, are we about to see Maggie as an antagonist?

Except when it's not, since Morgan himself doesn't want to be around people anymore.

"I guess it's sort of related for Fear for me too". "I hope that it makes them hungry for more Fear and are intrigued by both the returning and new characters". Dwight drove to the house where he had found a note from his wife Sherry after she fled the Sanctuary and found another one, with a single word: "Honeymoon".

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