RGV influenced Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan, She denied a 5Crore deal

RGV influenced Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan, She denied a 5Crore deal

Henrietta Brewer
April 19, 2018

The filmmaker has been supporting the actress in her fight against sexual exploitation of women in the Telugu Film Industry. Taking us back to past year when singer and RJ Suchitra Karthik shared numerous "leaks" of videos, photos, and scoops about the film industry, the case around Sri Reddy is gaining far more attention than what most would've predicted.

Sri Reddy's protest turned into nearly a movement with several women's organisations, social activists and the newly formed political outfit Telangana Jana Samiti espousing her cause.

Latha protested against Sri Reddy for her abusive comments on Pawan Kalyan.

Unamused by his response, Sri Reddy goes on a roll abusing Pawan Kalyan on live TV, with videos of her calling him madharch*dh doing the rounds.

Two small time actresses, Madhavi Latha and Sri Reddy slammed her comments. In yet another post, she asked actors Karate Kalyani and Satya also to get ready for further police investigations. Coming back to Sri Reddy Leaks, he said that she should get all the credit for highlighting casting couch. The actress also appeared vulnerable as she wrote, "1st time felt alone in this world. thank u everyone".

Despite being rattled by the threats, Sri Reddy nonetheless put up a fearless face and sent out a strong message to the actor-politician and his fans.

Days after her protest on the streets of Hyderabad, Kalyan had advised Reddy that she should have gone to the police instead of protesting in the streets. She asked Pawan Kalyan to control his fans, while accusing them of being criminals hiding behind fake Facebook and other social media profiles. The ace director himself revealed this through a video message. Well, we need to wait and see what kind of action they take against RGV.

That Ram Gopal Varma and Pawan Kalyan are not the best of friends is known. In reaction to her abuses, Madhavi Latha initiated a protest in support of Pawan Kalayan.

As per his story, he contacted Suresh Babu regarding allegations against his son Abhiram.

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