Nunes threatens to impeach law enforcement leaders over Russian Federation investigation document

Yolanda Curtis
April 12, 2018

Nunes told Ingraham that, sooner or later, Republicans would get the document, "which, if you believe what's in the New York Times and Washington Post ... was the information on an Australian diplomat talking to Mr. (George) Papadopoulos".

"Well, I can just tell you we're not just going to hold in contempt - we will have a plan to hold in contempt and to impeach", Nunes said in a Fox News interview Monday.

A Justice official told CNN that Nunes and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., went to the Justice Department on Wednesday to view the document. But while the Justice Department had allowed access to other documents, they had stonewalled on allowing access to the document that started the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation, even after repeated meetings, phone calls, and emails.

Tulare Republican Devin Nunes threatened to impeach FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, saying they were holding back evidence about the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign's possible connections with Russian Federation. "Since that time we've been investigating the State Department and we especially have an interest in this electronic communication", Nunes said on "The Ingraham Angle". "So they can either cough them up now, or it will get really complicated starting tomorrow night, and we'll have to take all the steps necessary in order to get the document".

The committee has given the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department until April 11 to turn over all the requested documents. However, Nunes says only a mostly redacted copy was officially released to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which Nunes chairs.

"Although the subpoenas issued by this Committee in August 2017 remain in effect, I'd like to thank Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein for his cooperation today".

Meadows, who met with Lausch on Monday, said: "They can't tell us how many documents they're going to deliver, when they're going to deliver it, how they'll redact it".

Ingraham asked the California Republican if there was a chance that Wray and Rosenstein could face contempt charges if they refuse to comply.

"I'm just trying to coach you on how to get out of the fake news realm", Nunes said.

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