'No white man will decide my destiny': Malema is ready for AfriForum

Yolanda Curtis
April 19, 2018

'Bring it on bloody racists. In response to today's announcement, he tweeted that he was not scared, adding: "No white man will decide my destiny".

The lobby group announced on Thursday morning at a press conference in Centurion that it meant to privately prosecute Malema on charges of fraud and corruption.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and AfriForum said they will prosecute Malema for fraud and corruption linked to On-Pointing Engineering contract.

The group previously threatened legal action against Malema after he allegedly made racist remarks at a political gathering in March.

Afriforum said it was bringing the abandoned case back because "someone like Malema, who claims to represent the poor people and then plunders the state coffers to enrich himself ... must be exposed for who and what he really is".

The EFF said the original case was struck off the roll because the NPA "couldn't present a solid case" and that the party stood behind Malema, and believed that the private prosecution would simply multiply support for land expropriation without compensation.

The EFF said in a statement afterwards that the prosecution was a "nonsensical attempt of the ultra-right wing" that had less to do about the rule of law than deflecting attention from the thorny issue of land.

The case was heard in the Limpopo High Court.

"The case which Afriforum seek to prosecute the Commander-in-Chief on was struck off the roll because the National Prosecutions Authority couldn't present a solid case before the Court of Law. We think that it is an excellent matter to develop the law‚" Nel said.

Mfaku said the NPA informed the lobby group that it would make a decision on or before August 18 on whether to prosecute Malema or not.

Nel concluded that his unit was at the mercy of the NPA on whether to prosecute or not.

Kriel said that apart from this corruption case‚ AfriForum is also busy with two other cases in which Malema is implicated.

In 2012, former Public Protector, Thuli Madoinsela found that Malema had improperly benefited from the tender.

"The awarding of [the] tender by the department to On-Point was unlawful, improper and constituted maladministration", she said at the time.

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