Google Search mixes up Jawaharlal Nehru for Narendra Modi, Twitter explodes

Yolanda Curtis
April 26, 2018

Now, the Google algorithms are in question because of a curious thing that happens when you type "India First PM" into Google India's search bar.

Prime Minister Modi's picture is somehow appearing alongside Nehru's name on the Wikipedia link - "List of Prime Ministers of India".

The tweet is enough to explain the reason behind the glitch that showcases the first image on the Wikipedia page of the "List of Prime Ministers of India", which when opened clearly states that Narendra Modi "is the current (14th) Prime Minister of India, since 26 May 2014".

Regardless of the rationale behind the error, Twitterati had a field day sharing Google's faux pas online. While expert opinion is yet to come, Twitter is befuddled over the mix-up of photos in the "India first PM" query.

As expected, Twitter users could not miss this opportunity to take screenshots and potshots at the company and also the government.

Searching anything on the Internet is so easy.

Google's search result on typing "India first PM" has left several people feeling freakish. While some of them took it as a light humour, others were quick to blame Google for the error. According to Google, the image search results were drawn from multiple news articles with images of PM Modi and his statements with regard to politicians with a criminal background. What we only have to do just right our question in the Google's search bar and it gives the number of answers.

Nearly everyone in this time and age depends on the web search engine for a lot of queries, information and solutions.

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