Google reportedly looking into Assistant-powered branded how-to videos

Google reportedly looking into Assistant-powered branded how-to videos

Yolanda Curtis
April 20, 2018

Google has reportedly been in talks with major brands to promote a series of "how to" videos through its AI assistant.

Google has reached out to brands about creating videos for a new "how to" feature for its voice-enabled Google Assistant, per CNBC. If CNBC is correct, we will likely see this new feature at the conference. The idea would be to monetise the Google Assistant; giving the company yet another revenue stream. For example, Johnson and Johnson could create a video about how to bathe a baby, or Kraft could make a video with a recipe for cheese fondue. "Would be a way for Google to monetize Assistant/Home".

Voice-powered smart assistants are growing in popularity as device makers put the software on a wider range of devices, such as phones, speakers and video screens.

Amazon said commands such as "Alexa, tell everyone..." will also work to make an announcement. The smart speakers can already make calls to other Alexa devices, while the Drop In feature lets you have a conversation with one other Alexa device in your home or with another person's device in your contacts book. Brands can now create sponsored actions for the AI assistant; allowing people to interact more closely with their products. The company plans to showcases their new venture into the Smart Assistant at this year's Google I/O 2018 conference in May month. The same is now available for many home appliances and other smart devices. The company this week revealed that it has 100 million paying subscribers to its Prime service, which offers quicker shipping on products, and streaming of music and videos.

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