Buhari, other Commonwealth leaders confirm Prince Charles as new head

Buhari, other Commonwealth leaders confirm Prince Charles as new head

Carla Harmon
April 21, 2018

Leaders from the 53-nation Commonwealth, holding a private meeting at Windsor Castle near London, agreed Charles should one day succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the BBC and other outlets said.

While Queen Elizabeth has been head of the Commonwealth since 1952 the role does not necessarily go to the British monarch and is up to the members to decide.

The Queen and The Prince of Wales met representatives from all 53 countries of The Commonwealth, on the day that the #CHOGM2018 Formal Opening ceremony took place.

At 92, she has cut down on long-haul travels.

With the latest development, leaders of the 16 commonwealth nations have concurred.

Britain is hosting the summit for the fourth time, and the famed April showers gave London a miss as the leaders, including Mr Lee, arrived at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen said the advantages of the network were plain to see, with an increasing emphasis on trade among Commonwealth countries and joint initiatives bringing about change on a global scale.

Queen Elizabeth has been granted her wish to see Prince Charles endorsed as the next head of the Commonwealth but the royal family has been sent a signal that it can not assume it will always fill the post.

Other issues under discussion in London have included trade between the countries with Mrs May saying the leaders agreed to "fight protectionism" to expand intra-Commonwealth trade to $2 trillion by 2030. She has visited nearly every member country, often multiple times, over her 66-year reign. On Friday the 69-year-old heir to the British throne got another position to wait for - he was approved as the next head of the Commonwealth made up of the United Kingdom and the countries that once were its colonies.

Charles also took the stage to express how important the Commonwealth has been in his life.

A decision on all successive heads has to be made by the Commonwealth leaders.

"The Organisation would, undoubtedly, be the poorer for it, as we shall miss her inspiring presence, her calm, her steadiness, and, above all, her great love and belief in the higher objective of this Commonwealth of Nations, and in its capacity to be a force for good in our world", he said.

The next CHOGM will be hosted by Rwanda in 2020.

"At Windsor we discussed our vision for the Commonwealth in We have pledged to work together to foster a fairer, more secure, more sustainable and more prosperous future to the benefit of all Commonwealth citizens".

Given its highly diverse membership, if agreements can be reached within the Commonwealth, they can likely achieve wider support. "They helped to build Britain, and we are all stronger for their contributions". The Commonwealth could provide a platform for British diplomatic and cultural clout outside the EU.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson said Zimbabwe's government has "made impressive progress" under Mr Mugabe's successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, but the country would have to deliver "free and fair elections" for the people in July.

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