YouTube's 'Dark Mode' feature arrives on iOS devices

Pablo Tucker
March 13, 2018

YouTube has added a much requested feature to its mobile apps.

The feature debuted on the YouTube desktop client a year ago.

Youtube is going dark on iOS and Android with a new update. Once installed, users are able to select their profile header and navigate to a new page where they are given the option to pick either the default light theme or switch to the new dark theme.

Google also teased the feature as recently as January, when the dark mode was found within the app's code.

Dark themes on mobile have become more popular in recent times with services like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram embracing the dark theme. Those on desktop can now activate the feature by clicking the three dots on the top right corner and then dark theme.

According to Google, a dark mode was one of the most requested features for its mobile apps.

Dark mode is rolling out to iOS users and coming soon for Android users.

If you're a regular YouTube viewer, you've probably already heard of the platform's "Dark Mode" functionality. This feature is primarily geared towards users who tend to browse YouTube late at night when the website's ordinary bright colors can be a little hard on the eyes.

The update is rolling out to iOS users today and should arrive soon for Android users.

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