Will other teams make offers to Drew Brees?

Ross Houston
March 13, 2018

The Vikings aren't the only team that has checked with Brees and his agent regarding the future Hall of Famer's availability. It's always been assumed Brees and New Orleans would find common ground on a new short-term deal with the club coming off its best season since winning the Super Bowl in 2009.

Brees has repeatedly said he wants to remain in New Orleans.

Some team is going to make Brees turn down big money to return to the Saints. According to Tom Pelissero of The NFL Network, the Minnesota Vikings have already placed a call to the 39-year-old.

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It would ultimate still be a major upset if Brees leaves the Saints, but there's always a chance negotiations could sour. Last year, for example, Brees was perfectly willing to let the final year of his contract play out, without demanding extra years of guaranteed salary to be tacked on.

It is expected that he will sign another short-term deal, along the lines of the one-year contract extension he signed in September 2016 that was worth $24.25 million. But it couldn't hurt to throw out an offer.

Now, he's becoming a free agent and has stated that he'd like to return to New Orleans and finish out his career there, but will it happen?

If I were running the Vikings, I'd rather pay Brees $60 million guaranteed over the next two seasons with a Super Bowl-ready roster than hand any contract to Cousins. It's a chance for the Vikings to drop a second L on the Saints in the last three months. They obviously feel they are an elite quarterback away from the Super Bowl and maybe they are.

I expect Brees to once again be paid among the top players in the game (perhaps $25 million-plus?).

There's no reason whatsoever to think this means the Vikes have given up on Cousins.

Brees' agent, Tom Condon, can legally begin discussing his client with other teams as of noon ET Monday.

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