Variety of St. Patrick's Day events set for Saturday in Oklahoma City

Carla Harmon
March 18, 2018

On Saturday, the St. Patrick's Day revels continue with PARASOL'S BLOCK PARTY CELEBRATION, starting at 10 Third and Constance streets.

"I've been to Savannah for Saint Patrick's Day, I've been to Pensacola Saint Patrick's Day, I've been to Chicago and looked at the green river, but this is wonderful!" says Don Deans, one of the many people at Saturday's parade.

It was cold, but sunny, and people bundled up to watch the afternoon festivities. The parade has been a long-time tradition that dates back 176 years.

The Irish flag is flying over Springfield's City Hall on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. Star Wars actor Mark Hamill was its first global guest of honour.

Chris Behan, Missoula's St. Patrick's Day Parade Grand Marshall, races by in a convertible Mazda during the parade on March 17, 2018.

The Virginia Military Institute Marching Band performed as part of the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manhattan on Saturday. Photo credit should read: Brian Lawless/PA Wire Actor Mark Hamill meets Ireland's President Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina at the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin, Ireland, March 17, 2018.

Other parades are to be held across the region including in Londonderry, Newry, Armagh and Downpatrick.

Police were present outside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Tourism Ireland's Global Greening campaign will see around 290 major landmarks and sites in 48 countries being lit up in green.

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