The Pennsylvania Race Is A Toss-Up. But The Narrative Is A Lock

Cheryl Sanders
March 13, 2018

A lackluster performance, on the other hand, could reveal the limits of Moulton's ability to sway voters in conservative districts and tap into anti-Trump energy. He also said he didn't give the Monmouth poll much credence.

During a recent campaign speech, Moulton said Lamb should go to Washington because he's willing to take on members of his own party who "just aren't getting it done". But it's hard to argue that special elections like the one going on in Pennsylvania are really good for the voters.

"He puts his money where his mouth his", Lamb said about Moulton. And that's not why the people who flock to his rallies and flocked to the voting booth in 2016 supported him.

Shari Payne, 44, who works at a university and is supporting Lamb, also views the election as a test of Trump's presidency and his influence over southwest Pennsylvania, though she said she was most excited by Lamb's youth. Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, recently appeared next to Mr Saccone in Mount Lebanon.

He even traveled to the state Saturday to hold a raucous campaign-style rally, at which he mused on topics including giving drug dealers the death penalty, Celebrity Apprentice ratings, and the supposed attractiveness of his younger self.

"Our guys just can't take winning for granted", Trump Jr. said.

Saccone, who was endorsed by and campaigned with President Donald Trump on Saturday, continued the campaign trail with Donald Trump Jr. on the eve of the election.

Millennial interest in the midterms is high, with 62 percent saying they were looking forward to the elections.

A day before voters in the district head to the polls, Lamb holds a 6-point advantage, leading Saccone 51 percent to 45 percent.

Democrats are attempting to lower expectations before the vote, but some see signs that liberals are on their way to a surprising victory in Pennsylvania's steel country, an outcome that would deeply embarrass Republicans. Right now, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is refusing to hold special elections for two vacant seats in the state legislature, and everyone knows it's because he's anxious they might turn from Republican to Democrat. "It's clear people want an alternative to Trump".

Republican dominance has been so strong here that Democrats ran no candidates in the last two U.S. House elections, even though state voter registration records show Democrats outnumbering Republicans.

CANONSBURG, Pennsylvania - The final day of campaigning Monday before votes are cast in Pennsylvania's closely watched congressional election drew a visit by Donald Trump Jr. and lots of door-knocking all over the southwestern district where polls show a close race.

Lamb has vowed not to vote to back Pelosi if he is elected to Congress and has taken several other moderate positions. "But if he comes within a shot, he'll look like a genius for predicting what's ahead and that he'll be out in front of the new generation". Former Vice President Joe Biden was in town on Tuesday to stump for Lamb.

A Monmouth poll released in mid-February, using the same model, found Saccone with a slight edge, 49 percent to 46 percent.

Saccone, for his part, has decided that embracing Trump wholeheartedly is his best political strategy.

Feeling bullish after big wins in other special elections a year ago and enjoying a groundswell of grassroots activism these days, Democrats are hoping a win in this ruby red district will not only make it easier for them to take back the House in November, but also send a message that their candidates can play in any part of the country.

If he loses, it could foreshadow what is already expected to be a hard midterm election cycle for Republicans.

And on Tuesday, Lamb, a former Marine and federal prosecutor, might become the first Democrat to win this district in 15 years. Tax cuts, the Republican Party's only major achievement under Trump, have done little to energize local voters, some of whom dismiss the sweeping tax overhaul as a giveaway to the wealthy.

Instead, Saccone has been boosted by more than $10.6 million support from super PACs and outside groups, including $3.4 million from Congressional Leadership Fund, $3.5 million from the NRCC and $1.1 million from America First Action. McDaniel also demeaned Lamb as a Republican in disguise.

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