The first task of any bishop is prayer, says Pope

The first task of any bishop is prayer, says Pope

Henrietta Brewer
March 21, 2018

"Prayer is the first task of the bishop", said Pope Francis, noting how when the widows of the early Christian community went to the apostles to complain that they were not being cared for, the apostles established the order of deacons to oversee the community's charity. This is torturing a woman. Let's not confuse the terms, ' he said.

Pope Francis told her: 'I want to take advantage of this moment, because you talked about baptised and Christians, to ask your forgiveness, from society and all the Catholics who do this criminal act'.

Pope Francis stated this during an intimate listening session with 300 young people who were invited by the Vatican to Rome this week to help church leaders learn what kids these days think about the Catholic Church.

The Pope had urged the delegates to speak with courage.

With human trafficking and sex slavery two major issues of his papal agenda, the pope urged young people to join him in the "battle" against forced prostitution, "for the dignity of women". "One girl observed that young people lack points of reference and that no one encourages them to activate the resources they have".

He said: 'Who does this is a criminal.

Blessing Okoedion, a Nigerian woman who was forced into becoming a prostitute on the streets of Italy, told the pope that many "clients" of prostitutes in Rome were Catholic.

In response to a question posed by Argentine youth Maria de la Macarena Segui, who asked about education initiatives and what youth can do to make their encounter with the Lord last over time, the pope stressed the need for an integral education.

Reading the homily's reminder that a bishop is chosen to minister to men and women in the things related to God, the pope said they were not chosen for other tasks, "not for business, not for worldly affairs, not for politics". Without risking, a young person ages, and the Church also ages. "Attitudes that are not paternal, not fraternal, also worry me", he said, explaining that when a priest becomes too rigid or worldly, "there is no witness of the mercy of Christ".

As a religion, they are hostile to the Gospel and the Church. "That is why we need you young people, living stones of a Church with a young face".

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