Samsung QLED TVs take on OLED with style, improved picture

Yolanda Curtis
March 8, 2018

New audio products are also in the lineup including a speaker that has a distinctively retro feel -designed as just a large dial with a small footprint that can be placed anywhere to manage sound through voice control.

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The new QLED TV has a new, and improved display as well as other unique features.

Its next generation QLED TVs include a feature called Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in to the background whenever it's turned off.

Its new QLED TVs for 2018 are able to mimic the wall behind them via a new Ambient Mode that cleverly lets you take a photo of the wall then set this as the TV's background. Said QLEDs will be available in sizes from 65- to 88 inches.

"With our 2018 TV lineup, we are changing the definition of visual display to Intelligent Displays", said President Jonghee Han. Finally, the step-up Q8F and flagship Q9F models also add Direct Full Array technology with a panel of controllable backlight zones to offer superior black levels and contrast. An impressive framework of precisely controlled LEDs delivers pristine contrast across all images displayed onscreen. The Ambient Mode is certainly a nod towards that trend. But that's not really the point-the mode is just meant to give the illusion of invisibility between watching TV, and when you want to show off your new television to a visitor.

Ambient Mode is created to make your TV "dissapear".

The new 5-meter (included with QLED TV purchase) and 15-meter (available as an option) One Near -Invisible Connection, with power cord and data cables merged into one durable cord - an industry first - enabling users to place the TV where they want, how they want, without a tangled mess of cords. It is also equipped with an insulation system that breaks the electrical current if the cable is cut off, ensuring consumer peace of mind.

LG just announced relatively aggressive prices on its 2018 OLED TVs, and to its credit Samsung seems to be catching on. Wi-Fi connection and app setup time during the initial setup of the television has been drastically reduced with Effortless Login, making for a seamless setup experience.

"QLED offers Samsung's best premium TV experiences, and we believe it's important to ensure that we offer a range that is accessible and relevant to Australian households regardless of home design, personal tastes, living room format, or viewing habits", said Mahdi.

Facebook videos are no longer limited to desktop and mobile screens, as members can access their feeds and view recommendations on connected TVs.

Samsung released five new QLED models on Wednesday, which range in size from 49 inches and 82 inches. As with most other smart home platforms, SmartThings-compatible devices include smart thermostats, locks, lights and more. Even the Q9FN, with its fancy new direct backlight, should come in at around £1000 less than last year's model, we're told.

Typically, in the months from March to May, and sometimes leaning into August and September, we see new TVs make their way out to shelves, as manufacturers reveal what they have in store for not just Australians, but the world.

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