PUBG adds weapon skins, new guns, and two new maps in 2018

Yolanda Curtis
March 9, 2018

A dedicated emote system is also on the way to PUBG, providing new ways for players to express themselves during battle.

About a month and a half ago, PUBG Corp admitted it had no clear roadmap for the future of its game.

All of the PUBG new maps detailed below are scheduled to launch in 2018.

There's nothing that beats the act of letting players mess with new features to find the unexpected fun in changes to the game, and it's very possible the experimental test server will lead to new ideas that neither the development team nor the community sees coming. There will be a new, smaller 4X4 map to play on first, offering higher player density and faster matches, with an 8X8 map set for later in the year.The emote system will also be released on the test server, with plenty of laughing, dancing and raging animations on offer. This is by far the smallest map that PUBG has ever received, which is very much an intentional design choice. Of special interest are reworked parachuting and unarmed melee combat systems, both of which have been heavily criticized.

Outside of direct gameplay changes, PUBG still hard at work. You'll see new achievements, in-game friend lists and suqad voice chat in the main menu, plus some extra character customization features like parachute and weapon skins. And server stability, connection speeds, and dealing with cheaters remains the studio's first priority in 2018. "This year we want to further improve the live spectator tool, but also integrate a replay system for spectators to use during live matches". No forward-facing changes appear to be planned, like a reworked leaderboard system or publically-shared MMR, but maintaining a competitive environment is clearly still in PUBG Corps.' periphery.

As is to be expected, new vehicles and weapons are also in the works, and the blog teased a new 7.62 weapon that will be coming "soon" to the test server.

Today's 2018 roadmap for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is hopefully everything players have been hoping to hear for some time. Also at issue is the lack of a more specific release schedule, perhaps betraying PUBG Corp.'s lack of dedication to these plans. It's a good day for PUBG players.

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