Nintendo Direct Coming March 8 Focusing on Switch and 3DS

Yolanda Curtis
March 7, 2018

Nintendo will be streaming a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow, March 8, 2018. And to top it all off, the big N now wants to know your favourite Nintendo Switch games as part of its Nintendo Switch one year anniversary celebrations.

Be sure to keep your eye on Nintendo Enthusiast for updates on tomorrow's Direct.

"Tune in 3/8 at 2pm PT for a Nintendo Direct featuring upcoming #NintendoSwitch and Nintendo #3DS games, including new details on #MarioTennis Aces!" The Nintendo Direct for them will be an opportunity to see just how much Nintendo can show their faith was well placed.

"The prize-draw closes at 23:59 on 18th March and once it does we'll randomly select 10 winners, each one will receive £100 of Nintendo Official UK Store Credit".

Nintendo Switch has been a great success so far for Nintendo.

Over a year after its release, the Nintendo Switch is still the hottest video game console on the planet. It has already sold its predecessor, Nintendo Wii U, and is on pace to sell like the Nintendo Wii while facing high demand.

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