New Alliance Threatens Vince McMahon's XFL

Carla Harmon
March 20, 2018

A few months after Vince McMahon announced his intention to bring back the XFL, another football league has been announced.

The league plans to have eight teams but has not announced the location of any of the franchises at this time. Instead of onside kicks, the scoring team will have one play from its own 35 yard-line to convert a fourth down and 10 play to keep the ball. It is expected to include a ten-week regular season and four-week playoff, and CBS will air two AAF games in primetime. Other games will be available to stream on the AAF's app.

Former GM Bill Polian and former players Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, and Jared Allen are all executives with the league with Dick Ebersol serving on the board of directors.

The XFL is set to return in 2020, but Pro Football Hall of Famer Polian's and other former NFL stars' involvement could add a layer of intrigue to the AAF, the latest pro football league vying to capitalize on the NFL's recent perceived vulnerability. That financial backing is seemingly the catalyst to get the league up and running in less than a year with a 7-10 year long-term plan for success.

"The game will only stop when it naturally stops", Ebersol said. Ebersol's father, legendary television executive Dick Ebersol, was McMahon's partner in the XFL's first iteration. Assuming neither league will try to pull a USFL and try to lure top talent from the NFL with huge contracts, the AAF and XFL will be having bidding wars for players who aren't good enough to be on one of the NFL's 32 53-man rosters.

CBS will air the league's debut game on February 9, 2019, one week after Super Bowl LIII on CBS.

"There are 28,000 Division I football players", Charlie Ebersol said in the article. "We're looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores and we think we will find them". Teams will start with possession at their own 25-yard line. A couple interesting changes designed with fan interest in mind are two-point conversions replacing extra points and a sped up play clock compared to the NFL's usual 40 seconds. "We have to be able to take advantage of the people who just stop playing fantasy when the National Football League season ends". By then, two more pro leagues will enter your life.

A whole new football season will start right after the 2019 Super Bowl.

Where the XFL has more of a "Screw you" mentality toward the NFL, the Alliance of American Football seems to be more subtle in their philosophical differences with the NFL and is more of a supplement to the league.

The XFL isn't scheduled to play again until 2020.

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