Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles

Pablo Tucker
March 12, 2018

Microsoft's new job listing suggests a game mod hosting service is coming to Xbox LIVE.

The very first episode of the monthly "Inside Xbox" webcast premiered without a hitch as Team Xbox talked about everything Xbox.

Microsoft will add AMD FreeSync support for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles, The Verge reported.

In addition the FreeSynch support, the Xbox One spring update includes "Share to Twitter" and Mixer streaming features. Microsoft demonstrated this during the company's Inside Xbox stream today, and the mode will switch back once a game isn't running. Notably, Microsoft says that using either feature will require "a supported TV or monitor".

Freesync technology helps get rid of tearing and stuttering while gaming, enabling the display and Xbox One to work together to create a smooth and seamless gaming experience. We're not aware of any FreeSync-branded TVs, but we'd wager that the HDMI 2.1 VRR spec is a real close relative of the FreeSync-on-HDMI support already available on some monitors. Slated to arrive this spring for general release, FreeSync 2 support appears to be part of the upcoming Xbox Spring Update.

In this regard, some 2018 TV with the QLED technologies that Samsung has announced during the CES 2018 will also support the VRR (variable refresh rate), which may be particularly interesting for console players. TVs that are coming to market this year will have the capability to enable their low-latency modes automatically.

Along with FreeSync, Xbox One users will also be introduced to the new "share to Twitter" feature, which allows users to share gameplay clips and screenshots right onto their Twitter.

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