Japan, S Korea to maintain pressure on North, China urges patience

Cheryl Sanders
March 13, 2018

There, he said, Kim had promised to refrain from further nuclear or missile tests and expressed eagerness to meet Trump as soon as possible.

"The offer was made and we've accepted".

Xi praised Chung for achieving "positive results" and added that China "actively supports" improving relations between the two Koreas as well as dialogue between the USA and North Korea.

While Vice President Mike Pence startled Koreans with his lack of manners and hard line at the Olympics, President Moon responded positively, dispatching envoys to North Korea to continue the talks and begin to arrange a summit.

Secretary Tillerson also said it would take "some weeks" to arrange the meeting. He added that discussions around the meeting are still "in the very early stages" and "several steps will be necessary to agree on a location", according to Politico.

As the world grew alarmed, disarmament talks intensified, and North Korea eventually moved in 2008 to destroy its Yongbyon nuclear reactor as a sign of goodwill. Past presidents have received an invite by North Korea, but President Trump is the first to accept. Carranza said North Korea is showing its willingness to be peaceful.

As North Korea perfects its intercontinental ballistic missile program - the very effort that has precipitated the current crisis, as it threatens the entire continental U.S. homeland - critics of the Iran deal say that it allows for Tehran to ideal that same technology, guaranteeing a similar crisis down the line. They have made promises to stop nuclear and missile testing.

It's the only spot along the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) where North Korean troops stand face-to-face with South Korean and United Nations Command forces. I think that he's playing to the President's ego and the President's weaknesses by flattering him and by inviting had to Pyongyang. For so long, the United States has sent aircraft carriers and jet fighters in the seas close to the Korean peninsula and stationed some 20,000 American troops in South Korea.

"We know the maximum pressure campaign is working", Sanders said.

Speaking after meeting Suh, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono credited recent changes in North Korea's position to increased pressure by global society.

Suh Hoon and Chung Eui-yong, the head of Seoul's National Security Office, led a delegation from South Korea to the North last week for talks with leader Kim Jong Un.

In Beijing, Mr Xi told Mr Chung that the Korean peninsula faces an opportunity for talks to ease the situation.

But he says that doesn't mean China won't have a role in the broader process.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday emphasized the need for North Korea to take "concrete" actions for denuclearization as the United States is set to hold an unprecedented summit with the North by May.

One of the most likely sites being discussed is the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom that straddles the Military Demarcation Line between North and South Korea.

In Geneva, the United Nations investigator on North Korea told the world body's Human Rights Council that any progress in the nuclear and security dialogue must be accompanied by talks on human rights violations, including political prison camps.

While China supports maintaining sanctions for the time being, it is prepared to restore its trading relationship with the North in the event of a breakthrough in order to "create a favorable external environment for North Korea's sustainable economic development", Cheng wrote. It has continued to warn the United States and Japan against war-mongering, but its rhetoric has been tame compared with threats exchanged at the height of tensions past year.

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