Google's instant app tech now lets you try games before you buy

Pablo Tucker
March 20, 2018

It lets you get started in a game without having to download it completely - in essence you're streaming the bits you need to your Android phone or tablet. For example, developers might choose to throw prospective players into level 10 of their game to show them the action head-on, as opposed to giving them a simple tutorial. With Instant Games, when you click over to a game's profile in the Google Play Store, there's a "try now" button that puts you right in the game's full, native experience quickly. When a prospective downloader can demo a game without having to commit more than a few seconds to the experience, they are far more likely to actually download the app. Google will open the feature to more developers later this year.

Additionally, to help users discover new games Google has redesigned our Google Play Games app. Just tap the "Install now!" button to install the game.

For now, there are a limited number of titles that are compatible with Google Play Instant, but it's a number that's sure to grow over time.

As Karmel and Frenkel told me, their teams are still working on providing developers with better tooling for building these apps and Google is also working with the likes of Unity and the Cocos2D-x teams to make building instant apps easier. That means you can now nearly instantly try out select games before having to download the entire experience. "We're excited to work with Google in reimagining the iconic gameplay of our Words With Friends 2 and Solitaire titles for more than 1 billion Android players around the world in a seamless, free-to-play experience". We're thrilled to announce that instant apps is now available for games.

Microsoft Outlook has received a new update for Android devices.

The announcement comes as the Game Developers Conference 2018 gets in full swing. For starters, they're only in the Play Store, but Google says the format can be used all over the web, so you might see links to play games in a lot more places soon.

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