For Lionel Richie, The 'Idol' Excitement Is Genuine

Carla Harmon
March 13, 2018

American Idol still has clout.

The show opens with a heartwarming introduction by Carrie Underwood, who won the fourth season of the original show, about dreams and aspirations. The sixteenth season of American Idol kicked off with the three judges critiquing aspiring singers in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Just don't forget to cancel your trial if you don't want to get charged $20. "I was pretty excited to hear her say that". Sunday night we got a first glimpse at the competition, and a chance to see how two singer/songwriters from the DE valley did when given their big shot at singing for the judges.

"You have Sinatra down, but remember this: Sinatra waited". He has an emotional backstory, but fails to immediately wow Katy and Lionel with his rendition of James Bay's "Let It Go".

The last performer of the night was Dennis Lorenzo, who carried his own trauma from childhood along with his guitar bearing a hole. "I ran out", she said. The judges seem uncertain.

Seems like only yesterday when the curtain came down on "Idol" after Fox decided it wanted to take a break from the show, but ABC made a decision to revive the show and introduced a new panel of judges that featured Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryant to spruce things up, CNN reported. The show will continue with the screening of episode 2 Monday, March 12 on ABC. Viewers reportedly will see Gabby Barrett, Jurnee Siani, Kay Kay Alexis, and Layla Spring in this group, along with singers Maddie Poppe, Mara Justine, Michelle Sussett, and Shannon O'Hara. She is also the first to receive a golden ticket to Hollywood. She's a little too much and Katy tells her she's not a pop star. The woman embarrasses herself all the way out the door. Her original song, "Never Stop", which was, in fact, one sentence, "The devil never stops coming after you", was delivered with such powerful ferocity that it overpowered the panel. She's straight-up country should've sang something country. She is one to root for, and one hopes that Hollywood doesn't eat her alive. Once we get to Laila's actual audition, she sings "Who's Loving You". I thought I was going to be the authority... but, no, no, I am the Kindergarten teacher. I like Lionel as a judge so far. She gets thee yeses and a golden ticket to Hollywood. Katie tells him he's being outsung right now. This was not a good audition. Well, that was interesting and he finishes his audition with a burp! This kid can sing. Luke Bryan hugs him.

The first hopeful to audition on Sunday night was Catie Turner, 17 years old. Her voice is fantastic. Of course, she gets a ticket.

Everyone's favorite singing competition, American Idol, is back from the dead-or, more aptly, American Idol is back from a nap. What competition did he win? Who else are you looking forward to seeing in future rounds? That can definitely be a good thing - and something that can help him going forward, though he now needs to make sure that the backstory isn't the overwhelming reason we remember him. I like this kid. I think Layla just picked the wrong song.

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