Emperor penguins taking selfies is going viral

Pablo Tucker
March 9, 2018

Taking a chance on emperor penguins' natural curiosity paid off for an explorer in Antarctica who left a camera on ice for the animals to find.

A camera set up near Australia's Mawson research station in Antarctica caught an up-close view of emperor penguins staring down for arguably one of nature's coolest selfies. "Curious Emperors have been captured on film at the Auster Rookery near Australia's Mawson research station by expeditioner Eddie Gault", the Antarctic Division wrote while sharing the video on social media.

Moments following this, another penguin soon also makes its way into the frame.

A group of emperor penguins. They are the only creatures there to breed during the harsh Antarctic winter, where the temperature is sometimes likely to drop as low as 50 degrees Celsius below zero.

They may not fly, but penguins are apparently really good at capturing a selfie.

Scientists involved with the Australian Antarctic programmes study the lives of these penguins and one of their aims is to understand how human activities affect them.

When researcher Eddie Gault momentarily placed his camera on the ground it's unlikely that he was expecting to end up with one of the best selfies ever taken. It was like the joy of seeing your new baby learn about something new and becoming enlightened with a new toy.

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