Elon Musk has published a personal video of an exciting rocket launch

Andrew Cummings
March 12, 2018

"A self-sustaining base. ideally on Mars.it's more likely the Mars base will survive than a Moon base".

The rocket meant to make this voyage isn't the Falcon 9 or even the Falcon Heavy rocket, but a newer model that SpaceX is still putting together called the BFR - officially short for "Big Falcon Rocket", but since the name was partly inspired by Doom's BFG weapon, it's probably not unintentional if you first saw that acronym a different way.

Making an appearance on a couch with his friend, creator of science fiction western series Westworld Jonathan Nolan, Musk said that although he's not usually an advocate for regulation and oversight, the AI proposition is where he can make an exception. Musk, who is the founder of multiple companies, including SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company, is tackling some of the biggest challenges and technological advances of the modern age, like space travel and autonomous vehicles.

Musk also reiterated that he sees SpaceX's role as simply creating the pathway to Mars, and that he hopes entrepreneurs will build much of the infrastructure of a future Mars colony, including everything from "iron foundries to pizza joints to nightclubs". Appropriately set to David Bowie's Life on Mars, the video is quite breathtaking.

Getting to that point hasn't been easy - he said early on that SpaceX nearly didn't survive.

The big focus right now, thought, is just building the spaceship - code named the BFR. "We're quite close to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me", he said.

"I think we will be able to do short flights, short up and down flights, probably in the first half of next year". Musk did talk at great length about his well-known fear of artificial intelligence.

It's important to make sure the dawn of AI is one that's symbiotic with humanity.

"Last century we had two massive world wars, three if you count the Cold War, I think it's unlikely that we'll never have a world war again. this has been our pattern in the past".

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