Doctors Protest After Wrong Patient Gets Brain Surgery

Henrietta Brewer
March 6, 2018

Ithai said the patient [UoN student] who made the news on Sunday, was unrelated to the surgical blunder reported at the hospital.

"These are quality system issues that should not be levelled at staff", Oluga said, adding punishing doctors and nurses would not address problems in the patient tracking system. At some point during the surgery, the doctors reportedly could not find a blood clot and discovered the error.

One of the two was booked for brain surgery but due to what the hospital describes as a "mix-up" the wrong patient went under the knife. The identification tag of the patient inadvertently got switched with the indented patient leading to the mix-up in February. The neurosurgeon in question is accused of performing highly invasive brain surgery on a patient who needed medication for head swelling. "The patient is in recovery and progressing well". However, according to the hospital's statement, the staff denied the rumour and stated that both patients are still receiving treatment and have made remarkable improvement. This incident came less than two months after Kenya's health minister ordered a probe into allegations that mothers were sexually assaulted at the maternity ward of Kenyatta National, forcing the hospital to take a defensive stance.

Following a potentially deadly patient mislabeling at Kenya's oldest hospital, a neurosurgeon, the CEO, and several staff members have been barred from duty. According to the striking registrars, the only person yet to be punished for the mistake is the senior consultant surgeon who should have been supervising the surgery.

While our friend may have exhibited some procedural short comings, the surgery was done on the wrong patient mainly because of wrong patient labeling by the ward staff.

In an effort to curb the fears of anybody else who's on the schedule for an upcoming brain surgery - 0r any procedure for that matter - the hospital released a statement regarding their latest fuckup.

Lily Koros, the CEO of the hospital, expressed deep regrets for this event and said the hospital will do everything possible to ensure the patient's safety and well-being.

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