Android Wear Could be Seeing a Rebrand to Wear OS

Pablo Tucker
March 12, 2018

Since, Android Wear devices are actually compatible with both iOS and Android, Google may be intending to make this clearer to smartwatch buyers.

The Android Wear ecosystem has been in a precarious state as of late.

Android Wear is pretty much at a standstill right now. These devices are able to play music and access to other apps.

The most recent update to Android Wear in December 2017 brought a "Touch Lock" function for locking the screen to prevent random taps when using devices underwater, as well as improved power efficiency and compatibility with new languages.

Here's more about the new visible changes coming to the search bar. They haven't disclosed any details regarding changing name, but the company must have wanted to remove the Android from the name of a device, as the device is not limited to Android only.

Indeed, today we have among us the first wallpapers of Android P, 18 abstract backgrounds that give color to what could be the new Android Pie, or Pancake, or Profiterole ... The last stable version of software 12.2 allowed to receive nearby notifications.

There are plenty of wide-reaching changes in the first Android P Developer Preview, but there are a few smaller tweaks worth covering. Further research by XDA-Developers revealed the recently-launched Android P preview refers to Android Wear as Wear OS throughout its internals. Renaming and rebranding of the device may attract consumer and will help to eradicate confusion of its OS connectivity to the iPhones and Android devices. It seems unlikely that Google will name their product the same as that of a rival company, especially when it sounds exactly the same.

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