Alexa's random creepy laughter is freaking out Echo users

Pablo Tucker
March 10, 2018

With Follow-Up Mode turned on, your Echo device will continue to listen for five seconds after responding to your original query. For example, one would not be able to ask Alexa to change the temperature and turn off the lights in the same breath but can make one request and back it up with another without needing to repeat "Alexa".

Amazon is calling the new feature "follow-up mode", and while it will not let you nest one request into another, the mode will let you ask multiple times back to back.

The user is not required to call out Alexa again, and if they don't say anything at all, Alexa will go back to sleep.

If you don't want Alexa to keep listening, Amazon says you can stop each occurrence of Follow-Up Mode with a simple "thank you" or "stop" to get her to stop listening.

Even though Alexa will now wait a little longer, the digital assistant can still only respond to one command at a time. After all, until they received an update, Echo units were shown to be prone to following commands from the TV.

It doesn't explain why some people have noticed the Echo's blue ring doesn't light up when Alexa laughs, nor that she doesn't make the usual chime sound that indicates she actually heard what you said. Select the appropriate device, scroll down until you see the Follow-Up mode slider and toggle it. You can enable Follow-Up Mode on your device by opening the Alexa app and navigating to the Settings menu.

As CNET reports, follow-up mode is merely an option, so users don't have to worry about being forced to use it.

The company says the fix has already been rolled out.

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