12 more flu deaths reported bringing season's total to 276

Henrietta Brewer
March 10, 2018

The agency is waiving administrative for the flu shot at its public health clinics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the entire United States, except for Hawaii and OR, have experienced widespread cases. "Overall vaccine efficacy improves with the newer technologies if their quicker manufacturing times are combined with government-provided seed virus submissions from increased surveillance at the global level for mutations in the antigenic target of flu vaccines".

Among adults, the proportion of pneumonia- and flu-related deaths decreased to 8.8% of all deaths reported during the seventh week of the year, the CDC reported, noting that these data are always two weeks delayed.

Haselow said influenza B has now surpassed influenza A as the most common type in the state.

This is an unacceptable compliance rate because influenza is a deadly threat to patients who are children, seniors and those already weakened by illness.

On March 7, 2018, GlobalData, a data and analytics company, reported the need for vaccine manufacturers to modernize the commercial production of seasonal influenza vaccines.

The rate of influenza-related hospitalizations in the United States almost doubled in just 1 week as the country deals with a severe but not unprecedented influenza season that is being dominated by a strain associated with reduced vaccine effectiveness and serious illness, CDC officials said.

On a universal flu vaccine: "I$3 nvesting in - and working toward - the universal flu vaccine is crucial".

According to WIS, the total number of flu cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in sc dropped in the last week.

At Carmel Christian in Matthews, more than 160 students were out with the flu one day in late January. However, he added, the best approach for people to protect themselves against influenza is still to get vaccinated. In particular, H7N9, seen primarily in China but not in the USA, is most resistant, he said. The CDC advises that people who are very sick or who are at high risk for serious flu complications should get antiviral medications as soon as flu symptoms appear.

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