Twitter kills its Mac desktop client

Yolanda Curtis
February 18, 2018

On Friday, Twitter announced that it would abandon its lesser-loved Mac app, directing users to instead.

Twitter announced that it will drop support for the Mac desktop client in 30 days, and the Twitter for Mac app is no longer listed in the Mac App Store.

Twitter finally decides to take down its less-popular app on Apple Mac.

In spite of the Twitter app being unpopular on Mac desktop, the majority of the user database is on the web and mobile versions of this micro-blogging site, which the company is focusing to improve on.

The company declared that it will refocus its efforts on "a great Twitter experience that's consistent across platforms" rather than continuing development for Twitter for Mac, a message that doesn't sound great for TweetDeck lovers. This describes an accurate approximation of most people's attitude toward the software, which has never been as robust as third-party clients like Tweetbot or even in-house services like Tweetdeck. Last September, Twitter made a decision to remove their app from the Apple Watch, as it was presumably not gaining as much user attention as they originally expected.

It's unclear what Twitter will do, since the company hasn't always marched in step with its user base.

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