Sikh Man's Turban Ripped Off In A 'Racist Attack' Outside UK Parliament

Andrew Cummings
February 25, 2018

Last June, an airline passenger mocked a Sikh man's turban and suggested he was a "terrorist" in a series of racist Snapchat posts that sparked outrage on social media.

A 37-year-old Sikh man from Punjab bore the brunt of racial hatred when he was waiting to enter the Portcullis House, a part of the British Parliamentary Estate, to meet Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi on Wednesday, February 21.

When an excited Ravneet Singh Pal visited UK Parliament to discuss environmental projects, he did not expect that he would return to Ludhiana only to share a awful experience of how a white skinned European pulled his turban and attacked him for hailing from a different community.

Portcullis House is a building situated adjacent to the Houses of Parliament, where the offices of members of parliament and their staff are located. Right before we got to the entryway he came near me and assaulted me.

Singh added that the man tugged strongly at his turban and it half moved, before he held it back. Before he could do anything else I shouted at him and he ran.

He claims that the perpetrator "made a racist comment in another language that I didn't recognise" and was "a white man, but he didn't sound English". I could not make out much of what he said but I did hear him use the words Muslim and go back. "I hope the authorities will take urgent action", he said on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said it is investigating the matter but no arrests have been made. We believe journalism should be open, fearless and unbiased. Today more people are reading Kashmir Observer than ever, but only a handful are paying and advertising revenues across the media industry is falling fast. So if we may ask, we ask your help in keeping the Kashmir Observer's journalism fair and square.

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