North Korean Olympics delegation includes diplomats specialising in nuclear issues

Cheryl Sanders
February 25, 2018

"Thank you for your service, and thank you for serving as an inspiration to so many people in this capacity". Moon said the US and South Korea should make use of the current mood of rapprochement between the Koreas in seeking denuclearization.

For example OPLAN 5029 deals with making sure North Korean nuclear weapons technology will not get into the wrong hands (the US will deal with this), and that preparations are in place to deal with the North Korean army falling apart, or millions of hungry North Koreans trying to move into South Korea (South Korea takes care of this).

The United States and Japan, however, have pledged to continue maximizing pressure on North Korea, as Pyongyang is still expressing its eagerness to continue its ballistic missile and nuclear development programs.

The United States also proposed a list of entities to be blacklisted under separate U.N. sanctions, a move "aimed at shutting down North Korea's illicit maritime smuggling activities to obtain oil and sell coal".

"North Korea worries about its people engaging with the South and vice versa", said Lee Woo-young, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul. The Swedish women are among the sport's dominant powers, with five medals - three gold - in the six Olympics since curling joined the Winter Games. She watched snowboarders go on runs at the Big Air jump and saw American snowboarder Kyle Mack take a silver medal.

The defector, who was an adolescent when his father passed away and his mother lost her job when North Korea's food distribution system collapsed, spent several years as a young adult in China, before finding asylum in South Korea, where he has been living for more than a decade.

During his meeting with Ivanka Trump, who is considered by many to be a moderating influence on her father, Moon is expected to emphasize strong support for the USA alliance and perhaps also make the case for increased engagement efforts with North Korea.

North Korea has sent 22 athletes to the Olympics, but their athletic delegation hasn't procured a single medal. The big question is this: After seeing some final events and glad-handing some American athletes, will she be placed in the same position as Pence - in a VIP box with a North Korean delegation? And if so, how will she respond? It wasn't exactly hard to locate her; she was wearing a red full-body snowsuit and a U.S. tocque.

Members of the North Korean cheerleading squad that charmed Winter Olympics viewers are being forced into sex slavery by the country's top politicians, a defector from the country has said.

In 2005, during the so-called Sunshine policy of engagement with the North, South Korea's Samsung featured a North Korean dancer and a K-pop singer in a cellphone commercial - the kind of step no company appears willing to take now.

Pence's office earlier said he was originally scheduled to meet with Kim Yo-jong and other North Korean delegates during his trip here to the opening of the PyeongChang Olympics but that the North Koreans pulled out of the meeting at the last minute.

Speculation has been building over whether she might hold any kind of dialogue with visiting North Korean officials including senior ruling party member Kim Yong-chol - a controversial figure deemed responsible for two attacks in 2010 that cost 50 South Korean lives.

Back in Washington, the president tweeted praise about his offspring as she touched down in Seoul.

He says the leaders of South Korea have taken a new tone in working with its northern neighbors.

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