JJ Abrams Says The Script For Star Wars: Episode IX Is Finished

Carla Harmon
February 23, 2018

Even with JJ Abrams pushing to use as many real sets and costumes for The Force Awakens, there was still a tremendous amount of green-screen compositing and CG used in both that film and Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi.

Hamill, known around the world for portraying Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, will be attending the world premiere of "The Director and the Jedi", a look into Rian Johnson's process as a new director in the Star Wars universe, SXSW said.

This will be it seems that done soon, since the developer has released an info during his time at the Late Night Show Stephen Colbert. According to him that's a "big deal" because it's not a luxury he often has when working on a movie.

Aside from the script being finished, Abrams also confirmed that filming for Episode IX begins at the end of this July.

Although Rian Jonhson was behind the camera forthe divisive The Last Jedi, Abrams remained as a producer to help see the characters move into the sequel. "Have a script in advance is not a luxury that I have always been lucky to have, but I write with Chris Terrio, and that is awesome, and I have lots of fun".

Episode IX was originally going to come out in May 2019, but the film got delayed since Lucasfilm scrapped the movie's first director and writer Colin Trevorrow. In addition to helming the film, Abrams has also worked with Terrio on the script.

Work is already going at a steady progress for the next chapter in the franchise called Star Wars: Episode IX.

"Being back for Episode IX is as surreal as it gets, and really exciting", he went on to say. However, shifting from its proposed May premiere, we will have to wait until December 20, 2019 to see where Abrams is taking us next.

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