Guide: How Does PAYDAY 2 On Switch Compare To Other Console Versions?

Guide: How Does PAYDAY 2 On Switch Compare To Other Console Versions?

Yolanda Curtis
February 22, 2018

Starbreeze Studios' "Payday 2", a four-player cooperative shooter that focuses on planning, staging, and performing massive heists, is headed for the Nintendo Switch later this week, but recent news has surfaced that the portable version of the game might be the most outdated one yet. Many of these locked behind progression tiers and post-game card rewards in both versions, so while one number is higher than the other, that's still a massive selection of identity-hiding accessories packed into the handheld version.

The game will receive future content updates that will eventually catch everything up by the end of the year.

Ignoring the fact that it's impressive Payday 2 will be ported to the switch, it is disappointing that it will be the least updated version of the game, trailing behind consoles that trail behind the PC.

While the Switch moved more units, PS4 received more revenue, thanks to the sales of the more expensive Pro model and the support of strong releases like Monster Hunter: World, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, or the exclusive Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT.

There 17 playable characters on Switch and 16 on other consoles, but that additional heister - Joy, the hacker - is a timed exclusive only.

"Payday 2 is releasing on Switch with content up to and including the "Most Wanted" update, which is equivalent to the content released through mid-2017 on PC", Starbreeze confirmed with Polygon.

The other area where things get a little more complicated - and something that's been getting a lot of traction on Reddit - is where the Nintendo Switch entry stands in terms of technical updates. However, it's still a murky situation as the game includes the John Wick character but no Continental missions. We understand some of you were disappointed expecting a later version of the game at launch. It also promised to release a series of updates after the game launches. Some of these games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2, were entirely new games. Each and every Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64 has had a Super Smash Bros game, so it seems to assume that Nintendo will follow this trend with the Switch.

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